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Canadian University Stats

Article Posted: May 2, 2012   |   Author: zahra   |  


As the last acceptances for Canadian universities trickle in over the next month, the trend in Canada towards more and more students applying to more universities and more programs continues to grow.

The Ontario University Application Centre (OUAC), the system through which all applications to Ontario universities are fed, has released preliminary data for 2012.

Over the past 8 years, the number of applicants to Ontario universities has increased by almost 20,000 students. On average, each student is submitting three applications each. Part of this reason is you can apply to three universities under one OUAC fee; part of it is because students are applying to more universities than ever before because competition is getting stiffer!

With a larger number of universities moving towards a Broad Based Admissions system, in which more than just grades count to determine admission (McGill is the noticeable hold-out here– it still only looks at your grades and nothing else!), students are finding it more challenging to get into universities that might have been options in the past.

OUAC January 2004-2012 Preliminary Data

Applicants Applications
2004 71,222 348,500
2005 72,968 325,803
2006 75,660 331,061
2007 79,568 350,759
2008 83,381 368,749
2009 84,300 367,739
2010 86,542 375,278
2011 88,626 383,403
2012 90,373 392,742

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