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New York Times article addresses the role of technology in education

Article Posted: October 16, 2013   |   Author: zahra   |  

How much can technology effect education? A New York Times article discusses innovation and disruption within education in a recent Opinion Blog, “Turning Education Upside Down”.

What would happen if students watched their lectures at home via video, and came into the classroom to do their homework? One Detroit school found out last year: Clintondale High School  found they were able to raise class averages, decrease failure rates and increase percentage of their students graduating.

“After 20 weeks, Scheel’s flipped students, despite their disadvantages, were outperforming the students in the traditional classroom. No student in the flipped class received a grade lower than a C+. The previous semester 13 percent had failed. This semester, none did.”

Read the full article here.

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