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Huffington Post’s 6 College Admissions Myths

Article Posted: November 4, 2013   |   Author: zahra   |  

Take a look through last week’s Huffington Post article about the six myths you shouldn’t fall for during the college admissions process. You may tell yourself that you may have a good chance of getting in on standardized test scores alone, but think again.

As our US College Admissions specialists will tell you, you can’t wait until your Grade 11 or Grade 12 year to start the application process:

“Your application process begins when you start high school, not when you begin your senior year. In your first year, you should develop an academic plan with tangible goals, as well as the appropriate strategies necessary to succeed. You will need to use all four years of high school to become an applicant who is well-rounded and well-matched to the schools you choose.”

Take a look at the article here to learn more about very common mistakes made during the process.

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