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Athletic Recruiting

Canadian student-athletes are in demand at US Division 1 Universities. There are currently record numbers of Canadians playing Div 1 basketball, lacrosse and golf at US universities.

The opportunities to compete in sport at a high level and get a great education are endless for Canadian students who choose to pursue this path. For those athletes looking to compete in their chosen sport at the varsity level, Rasul Learning Group provides the necessary advice and guidance to assist families in understanding the complex rules of the NCAA recruiting process. We empower students to be in charge of their athletic opportunities all the while taking advantage of the opportunity of obtaining a world-class education.

At Rasul Learning Group, we tailor the recruiting process to each individual athlete, by learning about their sport, understanding their ability, as well as keeping track of each student’s standardized testing progress. We make this process easy because we are familiar and have experience with the recruitment process. We advise families on how to put together an effective athletic resumé, reach out to coaches, attend showcase events, prepare for standardized testing, and gain official and unofficial visits to schools, to name a few.

Our team of consultants has many years of experience with the recruitment process and are former NCAA Division 1 athletes. We combine this knowledge and experience with our admissions expertise to open as many athletic and academic doors as possible.

Our services include:

  • Assistance in registering with the NCAA Clearing House
  • Creating an “athletic profile” and sports CV to send out to coaches
  • Creating a final school list and helping with admission decisions
  • Liaising between coaches, universities and families
  • Preparing students for official and unofficial visits
  • Standardized testing preparation
  • Preparing application for admission
  • Course planning to ensure academic requirements are met

Rasul Learning Group clients have been highly recruited by many NCAA Division 1 schools across many different sports. Past and present clients have been competing at the following schools:





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