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Graduate School and Professional Program Education

Today’s competitive job market requires that students have the best training possible to secure meaningful employment.

When I think of long-term benefits that working with Zahra has imparted on me, my mind turns to the great friend she has become and the impact that her progressive thinking, her impeccable character, and her genuine care for my own development continues to have on my life.
Cody V.

Research conducted by Georgetown University based on 2009 US census data shows that those with graduate degrees earn at least 33% higher median yearly incomes than their counterparts with Bachelor’s degrees in every occupational area.

At Rasul Learning, we understand the importance of and competition for quality graduate education. Whether individuals choose to apply professional program such as Law, Business or Public Policy, or a research-based MSc/ MA/ Med and/or PhD program, our team of consultants provide the necessary career counselling and planning to Canadian students, and hands-on support to secure a place in the best graduate schools and programs across the country and abroad.

Rasul Learning has helped our clients gain admission to a variety of programs, tailoring applications for a variety of focuses including Social Work programs, Master of Fine Arts programs in New York City, Masters of Education at OISE, Programs in Europe, and Medical School in Ireland.

Over the years, our team of consultants have leveraged their expertise and personal experiences as graduate students in order to help our clients gain admission to a variety of programs, tailoring the applications for specific areas of interest and highlighting the clients skills. We work closely with each client to identify those programs that are a right fit. Drawing on the vast knowledge and experience of our consultants, the search for the right graduate and professional degree programs can span the globe. Many of our clients have been admitted to programs outside of Canada including the US and Europe. In addition, we also have experience with the CARMS Residency Matching system and fellowship applications.

Last year alone, Rasul Learning helped clients prepare MBA applications for Rotman School of Management at University of Toronto, Sauder School of Business at UBC, Stern School of Business at NYU, Graduate School of Business at Stanford University, Wharton School of Business at UPenn, Harvard Business School, Columbia Business School, Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley, Kellogg at Northwestern and London Business School in the UK.

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