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US Colleges

The American college system is perhaps the most complex and compelling educational structure in the world. The unique focus on excellence in undergraduate education founded on liberal arts curricula make US colleges an attractive choice for Canadian students.

Zahra saved my life. We didn’t begin working on my applications until the beginning of October, so we had to move at a very fast pace. Even though I had about a million essays and revisions to do every week, working with Zahra hardly felt like work at all. She was so fun to work with and I know there would have been no way I would have known how to apply anywhere in the states without her!
Georgia D.

Yet each year, thousands of Canadian students are rejected for admission to US colleges. The competition for limited spots is fierce, and tens of thousands of American students have the distinct advantage of private educational consultants who guide them through the process.

At Rasul Learning, US college admissions comprise the centre of our business. We believe in giving Canadian students the leg up on the admissions process by providing the most comprehensive hands-on support from beginning to end tailored specifically to Canadian students. Whether students seek admission at Ivy League universities or smaller “Hidden Ivy” liberal arts colleges, Rasul Learning consultants and coaches will create the “best fit” list of schools for each applicant. We do not believe in a “cookie-cutter” process advocated by many educational consultants who work in this area.

Most families come to us when the student begins high school in grade 9, and we work to create the best individualized path for each student to the colleges that best fit their needs.

Rasul Learning Group admissions services include:

  • Course planning to optimize AP and Honours courses
  • Private tutoring in specific subject areas
  • Meetings with students and families at regular intervals to guide them through the admissions steps
  • Assessment of and advice about grades, academic merits, extracurricular profiles, and athletics
  • Preparation of curriculum vitae for application profile
  • Individualized standardized testing plan beginning in grade 10
  • Personalized list of schools for each student that are “best fit”
  • Creation of student “profile”
  • Set up of college tours and preparation for college visits
  • Hands-on application support including essay guidance and coaching in essay writing styles
  • College interview preparation
  • Guidance with making decisions about admission, including personalized college selection matrices

Our results speak for themselves. Since the inception of Rasul Learning Group, we have enjoyed a 100% success rate with students gaining admission to schools of their choice. 90% of our students are accepted early decision to US colleges.

Rasul Learning Group specialists create a personalized plan for each student in order to find the best-fit school based on his/ her interests, strengths, and the qualities the student desires for his/ her undergraduate experience.

In the past five years, students working with Rasul Learning Group admissions consultants and specialists have been accepted to the top Ivy League, “Hidden Ivy” and other prestigious US universities and colleges including:

US Universities and Colleges


US Liberal Arts Colleges

Boston College    Amherst College 
Boston University    Barnard College 
Brandeis University    Bates College 
Brown University    Bowdoin College 
California Institute of Technology    Bryn Mawr College 
Carnegie Mellon University    Bucknell University 
Case Western Reserve University    Carleton College 
College of William and Mary    Claremont McKenna College 
Columbia University    Colby College 
Cornell University    Colgate University 
Dartmouth College    College of the Holy Cross 
Duke University    Colorado College 
Emory University    Davidson College 
Fordham University    Dickinson College 
George Washington University    Franklin and Marshall College 
Georgetown University    Grinnell College 
Georgia Institute of Technology    Hamilton College 
Harvard University    Harvey Mudd College 
Johns Hopkins University    Haverford College 
Lehigh University    Kenyon College 
Madison, WI   Lafayette College 
Massachusetts Institute of Technology    Macalester College 
New York University    Middlebury College 
Northeastern University    Mount Holyoke College 
Northwestern University    Oberlin College 
Ohio State University—​Columbus    Pitzer College 
Pennsylvania State University   Pomona College 
Pepperdine University    Scripps College 
Princeton University    Skidmore College 
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute    Smith College 
Rice University    Soka University of America 
Stanford University    Swarthmore College 
Tufts University    University of Richmond
Tulane University    Vassar College 
University of California—​Berkeley    Washington and Lee Univ
University of California—​Davis    Wellesley College 
University of California—​Irvine    Wesleyan University 
University of California—​Los Angeles    Whitman College 
University of California—​San Diego    Williams College
University of California—​Santa Barbara   
University of Chicago   
University of Florida   
University of Illinois    
University of Miami     
University of Michigan—​Ann Arbor     
University of North Carolina    
University of Notre Dame     
University of Pennsylvania     
University of Rochester     
University of Southern California     
University of Texas—​Austin     
University of Virginia     
University of Washington     
University of Wisconsin—​Madison     
Vanderbilt University     
Wake Forest University     
Washington University in St. Louis     
Yale University     

What our students have to say:

You have cared about me not only as a client but as a student and a person and I greatly cherish all of the time that I have spent talking to both of you and all of the advice, college and life related, that you have given to me. I have committed to UChicago and am proud to be a part of the class of 2019 thanks to the aid that you guys have given me in nurturing my creativity with all of the essays I wrote for the college admissions process.

-Zubair M.

I spent most of my August before Grade 12 attempting to write supplementary essays and trying to navigate the treacherous depths of the new Common App website. Getting nowhere, I began working with Rasul Learning in September. The US application process is daunting at the very best of times; Salima and Zahra were there to help guide me at every step of the way. With Salima and Zahra, what was initially an arduous and overwhelming task became a process of self-discovery and self-exploration. Rasul Learning gave me the focus, support, and confidence I needed for successful applications to Princeton and Harvard, and for that, I am very grateful.

-Brett D.

My mom was in search of someone to help me with my US College Applications. I was looking for someone with experience so that I could trust them entirely with the important process of applying to college. With Zahra, it didn’t feel like work at all. While writing essays did take a lot of time, working with Zahra was fun and enjoyable and made the whole process much easier. Even though I had about a million essays and revisions to do every week, working with Zahra hardly felt like work at all.

-Georgia D.

Our daughter wanted to attend an upper end U.S. school and we wanted to work with someone who was well qualified and would be easy for Alisha to work with. Zahra exceeded all our expectations. Our daughter loved working with her as did we. We could go to her for anything related to the application process. Our daughter was accepted at her first choice, Stanford and none of us can imagine it having happened without Zahra’s help.

-Shakil A.

Although the school year was very busy with academics, sports and Head Boy duties, Zahra and Salima were honestly the most fun part of the work week. They catered to my learning style and I had an absolute blast. More importantly, they are brilliant mentors who can see the big picture when it comes to applications. Not only did they help me organize my profile, but their presence allowed me to reflect on my identity. Zahra and Salima are great role models and have been everything I could have ever asked for as a student and a friend. Even as I move into my University years, the relationship that I have developed with RLG will remain an invaluable and life long facet of my everyday experiences. They inspired me to be the best that I could be, and for that, I am grateful. The fact that I was accepted early to Harvard was just the icing on the cake!

-S. Siddoo

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