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Registered Psychologist

High school and applications can be a very stressful time for any student. We understand and value the importance of mental health of our students.

At Rasul Learning Group, we value the well-being of our students throughout the application process. Lucy Gofton, our Registered Psychologist, works to help students overcome stressful academic situations. Lucy covers the six services listed below in her consultations.

Psychoeducational Assessment | Academic Follow-up Consultation | Career Assessment and Exploration | Working Through Academic Stress | Stress Management Strategies | Preparing For University

1. Psychoeducational Assessment
A psychoeducational assessment provides information on how you process information and learn. It involves the administration of specialized tests that assess cognitive abilities, academic achievement, and visual-motor skills. Additional tests, such as those looking at attention and concentration, may also be administered depending on the goals of the assessment. The assessment also involves learning about the history of the individual and observing how they approach different learning tasks. The assessment takes place over three or four visits. The first visit, which takes approximately an hour, is a meeting to learn more about the reason for the assessment and the history of the concern. In this initial meeting the goal(s) for the assessment are identified. The psychologist will also review any previous assessment reports and report cards provided in order to gain a better understanding of the concern. The second portion of the assessment is the administration of the tests and can take place over one or two sessions. It can take between four to six hours. After the tests are administered, the psychologist scores and interprets the results and prepares a report, which includes recommendations based on the goals of the assessment. The final visit is a meeting in which the findings of the assessment and the report are discussed.

2. Academic Follow-up Consultation
This consultation offers the opportunity to evaluate the impact of the recommendations from the assessment, and make any necessary adjustments.

3. Career Assessment and Exploration
This consultation provides information to help in determining your specific interests and preferences and how these relate to different career fields. The administration and review of the Strong Interest Inventory assists in the process of determining what courses and programs may be well suited to your interests. The consultation also involves qualitative assessment regarding career interests and the use of decision-making strategies, action planning, and action plan implementation in relation to career goals.

4. Working through Academic Stress
Academics can be a large contributor to our stress levels. Common concerns include anxiety around test taking, striving for perfection and difficulties finding balance with other activities that are important to our well-being. This consultation focuses on developing skills to manage test anxiety, perfectionism and strategies to manage our time so that we are also able to take part in self-care activities.

5. Stress Management Strategies
Stressors can occur in many aspects of our daily lives, including academics and our relationships with others. Mindfulness strategies have been found to be helpful in allowing us to manage stressful life events and the emotions that can accompany them. This consultation offers the opportunity to identify thought patterns that may be contributing to daily stress and to develop mindfulness strategies that can be used when experiencing stressful events. It also helps build skills that can be helpful in maintaining positive relationships.

6. Preparing for University
Applying for and preparing to start university can be a time of uncertainty and transition. This consultation offers the opportunity to plan ahead by learning mindfulness strategies to help navigate the uncertainty that accompanies the application process, and to identify what internal resources and on-campus supports may be helpful during this period of time.

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