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Family Business Planning

In owning and/or operating a family business, families are faced with a unique set of challenges not seen in other areas of the business world. Not only are you responsible for the viability of the business, the health and well-being of your family has a major impact on the successes of the family business.

Rasul Family Legacies – Education for the Business Family

Recognition of those unique challenges faced by business families, Rasul Learning Group’s team of consultants and family business facilitators bring the focus back to education.

Building upon the deep relationships developed with our clients, Rasul Learning Group is able to understand not only the goals and aspirations of a business family, but also the needs of those families to ensure that all members of the business family are prepared and ready to carry on the family legacy for decades to come.

Working closely with all members of the business family and its team of advisors, we implement a phased approach to identify the specific roles and responsibilities of the business family today, tomorrow and into the future.   We utilize this information to create detailed development plans focusing on education, leadership, and mentoring, to name a few.

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