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Lucy Gofton

Bio picture Lucy Gofton, PhD, MEd, MSc, BA

Registered Psychologist

Lucy grew up in Vancouver and attended York House School. Following graduation she moved to Kingston, Ontario to complete her undergraduate degree in English Literature. Over the course of her studies her interest in psychology led her to also pursue a minor in the field. These psychology courses sparked her interest in better understanding the human experience and were the start of her journey to become a psychologist.

In 2004 she moved to Glasgow, Scotland where she completed a M.Sc. in Psychological Studies. She then worked in childhood development research for the University of Toronto before moving to Edmonton in 2007 to study for her M.Ed. in Counselling Psychology at the University of Alberta. In 2009 she had the opportunity to move home to Vancouver to complete her Ph.D. in Counselling Psychology at the University of British Columbia. Her doctoral research was on how older adults navigate the transition to assisted living, and reflects her interest in understanding and supporting individuals in successfully managing transitions across the life span.

Lucy completed a year-long internship at UBC Counselling Services, working with students to support them in navigating a range of concerns that were impacting them personally and academically. She currently works conducting psychoeducational assessments in order to better understand individuals learning styles, including their strengths and areas of challenge.

In her spare time Lucy is enjoying the adventure of motherhood with her young daughter, and loves the opportunity to travel to visit family in the UK and France.

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