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The Pragmatic Humanities Major

With admissions season well under way, we thought we would take a moment to consider briefly the benefit of a degree in the Humanities. Let’s start with a quote: According to John Kroger, the president of Reed College, “College shouldn’t prepare you for your first job, but for the rest of your life.” And, since people are generally living longer and changing jobs more frequently, the transferable skills you need to take with you from job to job, i.e. critical thinking and organizational skills, discipline, and self-reflexivity– all of which feature prominently in humanities and liberal arts studies– become even more financially valuable when paired with job experience and field expertise. Right now, the Prime Minister of Canada holds a B.A. in Literature. The Governor of California majored in Classics at Berkeley. Fortune 500 CEO Andrea Jung has a B.A. in English Literature. Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba, has a degree in English. Although there is much wisdom in pursuing a degree that gives you a specific set of skills for a specific career in a specific field, being able to communicate clearly and thoughtfully also makes you a highly marketable job candidate across a broad range of career options. Frankly, the skills that employers value most are the ones in which humanities majors shine: problem-solving, written and oral communication, critical thinking, creativity, and empathy. If you are 17 or 18, and not sure what you want to do with the rest of your life, concentrated work in a humanities field, such as English or History, can help you figure out who you are and what your priorities are, as well as giving you widely marketable professional skills. Job prospects for humanities majors look great. Please feel free to check out the links below for more perspectives on this issue.

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Hot Off the Press! Zahra’s IECA Article on Int’l Med School Admissions

Check out Zahra’s advice in the August/September issue of Insights, the IECA Newsletter, to those looking to apply to international med schools!

Article on pgs. 6-9.


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The Value of the SAT Subject Tests

Considering taking an SAT Subject Test but can’t quite figure out why? Taking the AP exam for a subject and curious about whether an SAT Subject Test would be redundant?

SAT Subject Tests can be valuable if your university choice recommends them. The most important thing about the SAT Subject Tests is to find out whether or not the schools you would like to attend want you to take them! Unlike APs, the Subject Tests do not count for university credit but, rather, are used by universities to decide what level of understanding you have of a particular subject and where to place you in university courses.

Here’s a great overview of the SAT Subject Tests and how they might be useful to you.

Curious to learn more? Contact RLG today to find out whether and which SAT Subject Tests might be valuable for you!





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SSAT Scoring Breakdown

Even for the experts, SSAT scoring and reporting can be a bit of a mystery. There is no sure answer to the question, “How much does my SSAT score effect my chance for admission?”

Fortunately, educational consultants, like Rasul Learning Group, can provide insight and experienced advice about how to most effectively use the SSAT for independent and private school admissions.

Please see this article for a great breakdown of the importance of the scaled score vs. percentile rank.

Still confused? Interested in talking about how to best use the SSAT for admissions? Contact RLG today!

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Take Your Interview Prep to the Next Level!

Rasul Learning Group
360° Comprehensive Interview Preparation™

Congratulations! You got to the MMI stage of your application to medical school. Or you were selected to interview for your dream internship in a hospitality co-op program in Switzerland. Perhaps you were selected to interview for a CaRMS residency or fellowship. Or maybe you are about to interview for the promotion that will make your career.

How will you go about prepping for what might arguably be one of the most important interviews of your career?

Rasul Learning Group’s 360° Comprehensive Interview Preparation™ was designed to make sure that you are absolutely ready when you enter the room for your interview. Zahra Rasul and the expert consultants at RLG have 15 years experience and a 99% success rate getting our clients the jobs they want and getting them into their first choice educational programs. This program is proprietary and RLG consultants take pride in providing the most thorough and exclusive interview prep in town!

Our system helps you to focus where it matters most— technique, content, and strategy.

1) Technique-360° Comprehensive Interview Preparation™ focuses on building and strengthening foundational interview skills, such as appropriate eye contact, voice intonation, personal presentation, etc. We can help you craft a flawless résumé or C.V. On this firm foundation, we build your interview confidence so that you can create rapport with your interviewer.

2) Content-We pay special attention to the relevant issues related to the field or position to which you are applying. Our highly knowledgeable consultants can help you to develop and express ideas about yourself and about contemporary issues that may apply to your interview. Our 360° Comprehensive Interview Preparation™ draws on the shared knowledge and proven success of our entire team to ensure that your interview prep is a dynamic and collaborative process that precisely fits your needs.

3) Strategy-At RLG, our interview preparation strategies are designed to prepare you for even the most unexpected interview scenarios. Our team makes certain that you are able to generate relevant and engaging answers to difficult, on-the-spot questions. Many of our consultants are particularly passionate about helping you to shape your personal narrative and tell compelling stories. We also make sure that you can effectively communicate the great ideas and competency in high-level skills that got you the interview in the first place!

Please contact us today to start your 360° Comprehensive Interview Preparation™

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