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Inspiring Young Minds to Achieve Excellence

Our Mission: To provide comprehensive education services based on principles of thought leadership and excellence for students seeking the best quality education in Canada, the US, and internationally

Our new office address: 2431 Granville street, Vancouver, BC V6H 3G5

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SAT/ ACT prep

Rasul Learning specialists take the time to meet with families to determine which standardized test is preferable for students as they go through the application process. Our specialists work with students and adapt to their learning style, teaching them tips and tricks and helping them tackle areas of the standardize test that are personally challenging. Do not wait until Grade 12 to take the SAT. Reach out to Rasul Learning to start your prep today!
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US College Admissions

US college admissions comprise the centre of our business. We believe in giving Canadian students the leg up on the admissions process by providing the most comprehensive hands-on support from beginning to end tailored specifically to Canadian students. Whether students seek admission at Ivy League universities or smaller “Hidden Ivy” liberal arts colleges, Rasul Learning consultants and coaches will create the “best fit” list of schools for each applicant.
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Rasul Learning Scholarship

We are happy to announce that we are renewing our Rasul Learning Admissions Assistance Scholarship for the third year. Our second recipient for the 2012-2013 school year, Kais Khimji, Head Boy at St. George's School, was accepted Early to Harvard University. Check out the deadlines and requirements to apply for the 2014-2015 scholarship.
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Thought Leadership

The Pragmatic Humanities Major

With admissions season well under way, we thought we would take a moment to consider briefly the benefit of a degree in the Humanities. Let’s start with a quote: According to John Kroger, the president of Reed College, “College shouldn’t prepare you for your first job, but for the rest of your life.” And, since […]

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